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December 31, 2022


A taunt parsing twilight 

To honor 

The mirror’s ill pursuit of dress, bourbon 

Before epiphany 

Marking the likeness of God?   


A bloom of soliloquy

In every toast

Imagination shaping its boast


Pain, what falls away


Doubts and schemes

Callow liens  

Dark sweet blood, coursing rhyme 

The soul’s 

Early scent of spring.


Neon nights 

And sunrise dreams, asking

How wide is lost

How sharp 

Our smithereens?


© the author

by Keith Melton

Keith Melton holds a Master’s Degree in City Planning from Georgia Tech and a BA in Economics and International Studies from the American University. He has recently served as Director of Planning and Program Development for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region IV Office (Atlanta). His poems have been published in numerous periodicals including Confrontation, The Miscellany, Kansas Quarterly, Mississippi Review, and Big City Lit.

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