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December 29, 2022

Three Phenomenal Flutterings



In the train, the world flies past

In a frenzied blur


Yet, inside, quiet; I blink


The rustling of newspapers

The smell of coffee




Sunlight through the window

Blinds one eye

Makes the other see clearly


One side, a motley kaleidoscope

The other, a vivid tableau vivant

Containing you


Both lasting only a second

Uniting as I blink




Swimming through a sea of impressions

In a city of quiet drones

Deafened by neon

Blinded by the shouting of cars

Tongue numb from the smell of exhaust and exhaustion

The singular submerged in the plural


Streetlights bounce radiance off the windows

Puddles of rainwater glow gently

A bee lies dead in a crack on the sidewalk

Sharp angles in a flagstone square

Retrieve it, for later

To rest in a softer grave


© the author

by Simon Christiansen

Simon Christiansen is a writer, poet, and indie game designer living in Denmark. His fiction has appeared in anthologies of Danish science fiction, Lackington’s, and Nature Futures. His poetry has been published in Plum Tree Tavern and Bluepepper. He has also written several award-winning works of interactive fiction. More information about his work can be found at

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