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April 4, 2023

Itch of Life

With a bluebell scratch my heart

            and it will bleed the leaves of spring,

the future’s happening before

it happens dismally in life,

living in the heart as true

things do before they’re saddened

by their happenstance in time. 


Scratch my heart with a peony

             and forget. 


In the desert where the flowers grow,

           the blood flows

from life’s love.  


© the author

by S.T. Brant

S. T. Brant is a Las Vegas high school teacher. His debut collection Melody in Exile will be out in 2022. His work has appeared in numerous journals including Honest Ulsterman, EcoTheo, Timber, and Rain Taxi. You can reach him on his website at, Twitter: @terriblebinth, or Instagram: @shanelemagne.

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