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March 28, 2023

Chasing Emily

just before sundown

gold sears the gray of the day

brightness from within



as truth tumbles off

a slanting roof into arms

naught nuptial, it sighs 



wedded words dashing

through wild nights’ imagined lusts

envelopes embrace



that slanted light she

wrote of falls in fall across

one housecat’s path home



dawn’s dewtops beckon

garden to meadow to field

pencil left behind



© the author

by E.D. Lloyd-Kimbrel

E. D. Lloyd-Kimbrel, whose car masquerades as a branch library, has been writing for a while. Over the years, in between various employments and academic endeavors, geographical locations and life events, she has published biographical, critical, and scholarly articles and essays in tandem with an assortment of poems and creative non-fiction.

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