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December 25, 2022

At the Center of the World

At the center of the world

There is a place of many horses

They roam free

A cool pool of water

Waits for them

Buffalo grass grows

Moist and green


The horses form a 

Mosaic of colors

Earth tones

Sky tones

Water tones

They play and prance

Circling to the four corners

To the four sacred winds

Always returning to the

Center of the center


The center of the world

Is the center of our story

It is the center of all stories

The songs of our ancestors 

Sing to the horses

The voices of our ancestors

Fill the center of the world

With magic


© the author

by Howard Moon

Howard Moon is a writer and poet. His writing and poetry have appeared in multiple collections and anthologies, Small Change, Montana Mouthful, Das Literarisch Journal, Of Poets and Poetry, Native Skin, Breath and Shadow, Ariel Chart, and more. He has won national, local and regional awards for writing. He is of Native heritage and identifies as BIPOC. In 2012 he suffered a brain injury and has been diagnosed with a mental illness — Pseudobulbar Affect. He has also been diagnosed as a hemiplegic. He is retired and lives in central Florida with his wife and service dog.

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