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January 9, 2023

I always planned to be alone, not lonely.

I search for meaning or fame 

and have found

that I do not like my name.

Acid on tongue this name that is mine

and not mine,

love that is requited

and unrequited.

There are secrets

between silences

between line breaks.

The clock always ticks him forward.

My hourglass counts me down granule by granule.

In mad dash to podium,

radiant smile crushes

love that is not love

love that is love.

We whisper woven melody.

Dreams thread mountains.

I will learn my name to ambrosia.

I will take hand, learn love,

break hourglass.

Let us sharpen ourselves bloody.

Let us waltz in dunes.

Oh, I know, my love—you may keep booted and tidy.

I will pen myself barefoot, steal your watch.

We will never be our parents.

Time will not capture us.


© the author

by Kim Malinowski

Kim Malinowski is a lover of words. She is the author of three books and has two forthcoming verse novels. She was nominated for the 2022 Rhysling Award and the 2023 Best of Net and Pushcart Prize. She writes because the alternative is unthinkable.

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