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March 19, 2023



digital photo-poem

by Alan Bern

Dreaded Sidewalks

by Monica Viera

The grey sidewalk I walk on

Is like many sidewalks before

No destination

Pure journey in a sea of grey

Along houses in suburbia that all look the same

The self-indulgent detour

Quickly becomes fraught with self-loathing

Coupled with a hanging head

The walk for the sake of a walk

Pulls at all the nihilistic strings in the world

All sidewalks coming together

And suddenly at the intersection

I’m screaming

Choking on grey

Someone calls an ambulance

I’m escorted out of mediocrity

Back into an extreme I find solace in

While I stare out the window of the ambulance

Waving goodbye


Monica Viera 

Monica Viera is a neurodivergent Hispanic author from East LA.

Alan Bern

Retired children’s librarian Alan Bern is a poet and storywriter with three books of poetry and is a published/exhibited photographer. Alan is cofounder with artist/printer Robert Woods of the fine press Lines & Faces, IN THE PACE OF THE PATH is Alan’s first full-length hybrid of poetry, prose, and photos. Recent awards include: Winner, Saw Palm Poetry Contest (2022); Flash Fiction Finalist, Ekphrastic Sex (2021); and Winner, Littoral Press Poetry Prize (2015). Recent and upcoming writing and photo work in: Haunted Waters Press, Feral, DarkWinter Literary Magazine, The Hyacinth Review, and swifts & slows: a quarterly of crosscrossings.

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