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March 17, 2023

Afrofutures Haiku in Multiverse: I-Harriet

I see Harriet

Pulling pinned souls out from clay

Scraping matted eyes


I hear Harriet

Golden Black steadfast resolve 

Etching Promise Paths


I feel Harriet

She echoes through weary souls

Keep moving or die


I move Harriet 

From grave to sky to guide us

Star settled in skin


I am Harriet 

Bathed in black light prophecy

Cloaked in new mission


I-Harriet cries

Insistent cadence rings clear

Come into the woods


I-Harriet lives

Keep eyes stayed on lands of hope

Old wisdom pours free


Born from mother star

She invites our children, those

looking for her star


They find her gazing

She imparts ancient wisdom

that fires the sky


© the author

by Regina YC Garcia

Regina YC Garcia is North Carolina poet and English professor from Greenville, NC. Her published/upcoming work appears in the South Florida Poetry Journal AutoEthnographer, The Amistad, Main Street Rag, Up the Staircase Quarterly and others. Her work has also been featured in an Emmy-Award winning episode of Muse, featuring the "Black Light Project," as well as in the 2022 Sacred 9 Project of Tulane University. Her book, The Firetalker’s Daughter from Finishing Line Press is due for release in March 2023.

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